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  1. Managing Director
    1995 Gus and our niece Elizabeth.
    Gus, our Gardener, Birdhouse Builder, Handyman, Project Manager, and a whole lot more has been around awhile. Here he is doing some clean up around the farm with Elizabeth, one of our Beekeepers here at the farm. The farm was Elizabeth’s first home.
  2. Managing Director
    Gus and Ginny.
    Here Ginny (Princess of the Pigs) brings Gus a cold water. Gus would cut the fields using a 1956 Farmall 130 and we are still using the same tractor.
  3. Managing Director
    Aunt Vivian
    Aunt Viv lived in the farmhouse over 60 years ago. She would stay there on weekends when Aunt Anna and Uncle Leo came in from New York City. This was their getaway home which became there permanent residence once they retired.
  4. Managing Director
    Breakfast on the Farm.
    Here is Nance with Uncle Harry and her dad Gus enjoying a beautiful Sunday morning breakfast.
  5. Managing Director
    Owls in the Woods
    Back in the early 90s Nance’s dad Gus constructed a homemade owls nest made out of sticks and brush and put it up in the tree. Soon we had a family of great horned owls. Very exiting experien
  6. Managing Director
    Cousin Barb on her new mower
    Cousin Queen Bee Barb, and husband, Beekeeper Bob, lived here for about 9 years. There's a lot of family history here as well
  7. Managing Director
    Gus mowing
    Gus on his ‘56 Farmall 130 mowing the front field.
  8. Managing Director
    The Farmers
    , Nance, and Jeanette Wolven
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