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  1. Managing Director
    Our first Rooster and guardian of the hen house
  2. Managing Director
    April Fool Day
    Our first pigs arrived and “dug right in”.
  3. Managing Director
    Hog Inspection
    Twice a day inspections of food, water and fencelines. Daily close inspections of the hogs, always keeping an eye out for problems.
  4. Managing Director
    Baby Cottontail
    This bunny was born in our organic garden in 2015. They all moved out 4 days later and they didn’t do too much damage.
  5. Managing Director
    A few years back we had this Muskrat living here. Gus and Harry would take a few ears down to the creek, knock on the log and this fella would come and get his corn.
  6. Managing Director
    Great Horned Owl
    Here is the Great Horned sitting on eggs in our woodlot
  7. Managing Director
    Great Horned Owls
    The kids enjoying some sun and stretching their wings.
  8. Managing Director
    Bird Houses
    Around 50 new houses to go out around the area. Thanks to our Gus
  9. Managing Director
    Great Horned Owls
    The Kids right before their last days in the nest.
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